Leave the Bed Unmade: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day Off

Leave the Bed Unmade: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day Off

Have you ever taken the day off only to realize you’ve wasted it?  It’s the worst feeling to use your hard-earned vacation time and not even do the one thing you really wanted to do.  Today was almost that day for me.  Here are three ways to make sure you make the most of your day, and a fun quiz for you to take at the end, too.

  • Leave the bed unmade.  This may seem a bit silly, but it’s all about breaking away from your daily routine.  If you’re like me, you like to begin your day the same way every day.  You don’t even think about it.  You get out of bed, and your entire being shifts into auto-mode.  There’s nothing wrong with this unless it’s your day off.  I suspect that you have something special in mind when you decide to take a day off, and it probably has little to do with what you normally do each day.  So do yourself a favor and change the way you begin.  If you usually make up your bed first, skip it.  Do anything except what you usually do to send a signal to your brain that your intentions for the day are different.
  • Let them wait.  Everyone who can take care of themselves needs to take a back seat to whatever you’ve planned (or not planned) for yourself on your day off.  For some, this isn’t a problem.  For others, it’s quite challenging.  The phone rings, beeps, or plays your favorite song, and you answer it without hesitation.  There you are again in auto-mode.  It’s your mom, your friend, your cousin, your neighbor, your pharmacy, or a random call from one of my favorites—a home security service that just won’t stop calling no matter how many times you block the number!  In my case, I usually talk to my mom several times a day.  I call, email, text, and/or Facebook friends at least weekly.  I rarely hear from cousins.  It’s sad, but true.  I almost never hear from neighbors.  This is also sad, but true.  Then again, I haven’t exactly given my phone number to most of them.  I receive at least one call from my pharmacy every week informing me that I have a prescription ready for pick up.  This often saddens me because it’s a reminder of the number of prescriptions I must take and the amount due is always more than I want to spend.  As for the random calls, well, there aren’t any nice words for the way I feel when I realize it’s the same security company calling from a different number, which I now also have to block.  The point is to not allow yourself to be distracted by the usual things or people on your day off.   Special Note:  If your child calls, it all depends.  Consider returning the call at the end of your day.  However, if you choose to answer and it’s obvious that it’s not an urgent matter, then limit the conversation and avoid committing to do anything that will take away from your plans for yourself.  After all, it’s just for one day.  Sounds selfish?  Yes, but it’s the good kind.
  • Stop and start over.  If you’re half-way through the day and your day off isn’t what you want it to be, just stop whatever you are doing.  Really, stop.  Don’t complain or go off on some negative tangent.  Also, don’t take it out on anyone else.  It won’t make you feel any better.  I know because I wasted about an hour doing this today.  When I realized I had to write a letter and search for property tax records, I wanted to scream.  I actually said, “This is not what I want to do on my day off.”  If you’re saying the same thing, then make quick work of getting on to what you want to do.  It’s that simple.


13 thoughts on “Leave the Bed Unmade: 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day Off

    1. Hi Viv,

      I’m happy to hear that you took away something useful to you. Remember to take the poll and let me know about a few topics you’d be interested in seeing on this blog.

  1. I’ve been retired for ten years so every day is my day off. Don’t like today, wait for tomorrow. Just kidding. I think a person should be a little selfish every once and a while.

    1. Hi Larry,

      Retired? Lucky you! I can only dream about retirement at this point. But you do offer an interesting perspective on the notion of “a day off” and what it means depending on a person’s stage in life. Also, I agree that being selfish is a good thing every now and then. Everyone needs time for revitalization. It’s healthy. I hope you’ll stop by and share your perspectives again soon.

  2. Sometimes when I have a day off I try not to plan anything. Then I can do whatever I want. That usually involves a form of relaxation.

    1. Hi Mariposa,

      I think not planning your time off sometimes yields the best results. It leaves you open to surprises, which can be a good thing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. When I have a planned day off I try to follow a few rules.
    1. make a list of at least 5 things I would like to get done. If I finish 1 I am please, 2, happy
    if i complete 3 or more I am overjoyed!
    2. I try not to let anyone know that I have taken the day off!
    3. I try not to answer the phone during normal working hours. If I do answer the phone I
    try to keep it short, and not let on that I am at home.
    4. Do not turn on the tv unless Relaxing is on the agenda for the day!

    I think I will take your advise and leave my bed unmade, one day very soon and be selfish, and take a day just to do something for “Myself” even if it is only to read a book!

    1. Hey Twinsister,

      I think you’ve already mastered the art of taking the day off. I absolutely love #2 on your list! I haven’t tried that before, but I am curious to see if this can work for me. My next day off will be my little secret.

  4. I always make up my bed. It’s the best way to start my day before work or my day off. The best part of taking a day off is to look at my life as a stranger. If I’m able to notice any stress triggers, I start making changes right away.

    1. Hi Woody,

      You’ve got me beat. I can’t claim that I make up my bed each and every day. I do like your habit of quickly making changes to avoid stress triggers. That’s a good practice indeed.

  5. Everytime I take a day off It feels like I work myself more than I do at the job…LOL But your tips are actually helpful, because I find myself struggling to break my routines and battling a chronic illness I become fatigue and lazy at times that I hope to follow through with the plans I have set for myself so Ic an have a peacful day off. I’m currently in NY right now and my mind is in 80 places… Stay Bless everyone!!!

    1. Hey Renesha,

      I’m glad the tips are helpful to you. You’re not alone in your challenge to make the most of your day off. It can be very frustrating to look up an discover that you’ve exhausted yourself on your day off, and not feeling well can definitely put a cramp in your plans. It might be good to choose one thing to do or accomplish. Better yet, a more satisfying result might come from having no plan at all. Check out replies from Mariposa and Twinsister (above). Enjoy your time in NY!

    2. Hi Renesha,

      I was thinking about your comment on living with a chronic illness that brings on fatigue and how this effects you. If you don’t mind me asking, how have you learned to cope during times when your health doesn’t allow you to do what you desire?

      –Hope to hear from you soon.

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