The Real Online Dating Experience Series: What To Expect

The Real Online Dating Experience Series: What To Expect

I announced an upcoming series about online dating a few days ago.  If you haven’t seen it already, click here.  I’m excited about presenting this series and the possible discussions that can result from it.  It’s important to me to present a balanced perspective.  Here’s what I want you to know about this series.

My Approach

I will interview two men and two women about their online dating experiences.  The interviews will be divided into four (maybe five) segments with approximately five questions each.


The participants’ identities shall remain unknown to you, the readers.  Instead, I will be using the names of my favorite flowers for the women and the names of my favorite semi-precious stones for the men.  Hey, it’s what I want to do.  So, I’m doing it.


Participants will answer the same set of questions. However, I reserve the right to add follow-up questions, which might be unique because of a participant’s response.  I will only do this if I think the follow-up question will add value.  I will endeavor to minimize editing and will not censor responses.

Expectations and Next Steps

Right now, I am open to where this could go. I can’t cover every question.  I will look to you, the readers, to post comments and questions to help fill in the gaps.  For example, if you want clarification or additional information on a participant’s response to a question, all you need to do is ask.  If you have a comment that builds on a participant’s response, all you need to do is share it.  The participants are open to responding.  At the end of this series I will revisit the series goals (see below) and consider the level of interest.  Then, I will decide on next steps.  Maybe this series will lead to other discussions. Who knows?

Series Goals

  1.  To help those who are struggling with this online dating thing (especially women).
  2.  To explore both a male and female point-of-view.
  3.  To present at least two male case studies.
  4.  To present at least two female case studies.
  5.  To address reader’s questions and comments.
  6.  To determine readers’ level of interest in related topics.

A Special Thank You

I’d like to go ahead and thank each participant upfront.  Your willingness to share your experiences is greatly appreciated.  I’m already seeing things differently.  I couldn’t do this topic justice without you all.  You know who you are…Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


15 thoughts on “The Real Online Dating Experience Series: What To Expect

    1. Thanks so much! I just went to your website…interesting items you have there 🙂 I’ll be posting the first female interview shortly. So be sure to “follow” the blog. I look forward to seeing what questions you send my way.

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