Holiday Season on My Mind

Holiday Season on My Mind

It’s Friday morning, which means it’s already a wonderful day. I’m off work and that makes it even   better.   I need the break.   I’m supposed to be upstairs right now getting ready to leave for a weekend getaway.   We’re celebrating something special.  I can hear the family stirring around. In just a few minutes I’ll be questioned about why I’m not dressed and why I think I have time to enjoy a coffee, a movie (Baby Boom), and write. I’ve already decided I won’t answer even though I have less than an hour to be packed, dressed, and sitting in the car. You have no idea how slow I am when it comes to preparing for the day. I’m thrilled about our plans for the weekend, really, but there is something else pushing its way to the front of my mind this morning.

It’s that time of year again—the holiday season is upon us!

No, I’m not confused. I realize it’s still September. Most people in my family don’t even begin to think about the holidays until November. I used to be that way, but I changed. I changed three years ago when I realized that the seven weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day was not enough time for me to enjoy all the holiday movies, holiday music, time with family and friends, and special community activities. I’d still be playing holiday music well into late January. I didn’t want to let it go.  Why should I have to just because the rest of the world has moved on?   Now I begin my holiday season on October 1st every year. It’s my personal tradition.  What’s yours?

Honoring those things that make you happy can be as easy as making the decision to do it.  I find so many little things I can do that make a big difference in how I feel each day. 

I love the holidays.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  So I’m counting down the days.  Just three days to go.

Let the holiday music fill the air!  I can already hear those bells ringing…


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