Holiday Song of the Day

Holiday Song of the Day

It’s hard to believe that just four weeks ago, I was sailing across the ocean on a seven day cruise to the Caribbean for Thanksgiving.  Since my return, I’ve celebrated my birthday, decorated my home for Christmas, and finished my last working day of the year.  In the middle of all of this, I experienced six days with the worst migraine I’ve had in more than a year.  The lowest point was the trip to the emergency room.  It was hard not to feel upset and even a little angry about feeling so sick (and only a day after my birthday).  What a way to start my new year!  I wondered if the pain would ever end.  Fear began to set in.  But the care I received from both the doctors and my family helped replace the fear with hope.  Soon, I was feeling more like myself and ready to enjoy the rest of the holiday season.  With so much suffering and loss—near and far—it helps to be reminded of what’s most important to us.  I’m reminded not to take good health or those around me for granted.  Take a moment today to reflect on what’s most important in your life while Patti LaBelle sings about the meaning of the holiday season.

Holiday Song of the Week:  “That’s What Christmas Is To Me”

Feels Like:  a hug from someone who loves you

Sounds Like:  a story we all need to hear


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