It’s the Winter Solstice…Ready for 2013?

It’s the Winter Solstice…Ready for 2013?

Happy Winter Solstice!

winter-solsticeSince about 5:30am this morning, I’ve been tossing and turning.  Thoughts slid and tumbled   over one another as they pushed their way to the surface of my mind.  I felt compelled to open my eyes and focus on the coming year.

It’s nearly three hours later.  I haven’t had breakfast.  I’m not even dressed, and there is much to do today.  My family is going to the theater to see “A Christmas Carol.”  I should be getting ready, not sitting motionless…thinking. Yet, I can’t do anything else until I’m clear about my goals for 2013. It’s the winter solstice.  It’s said that today is the best day to plant the seeds for next year’s fruit.  There are definitely a few things I want to see happen for me, and I need all the help I can get.  So since the universe is open to giving us all the help we need, then I’m doing my part and preparing to receive assistance.  I’m committing to three goals.

My 2013 Goals

  1.  I will recognize and accept those things that are beyond my control and be peaceful about it.
  2. I will establish and follow a daily spiritual practice.
  3. I will complete the first draft of my book.

The first two are directly connected to my overall health and wellness.  The third one is a life’s purpose kind of thing.   I have run out of excuses about why I haven’t finished at least one book.  I’ve started at least three over the past 15 years. I suppose it’s just about finishing something that I say is important to me.

Okay.  Wow.  So simple.  I’m ready to get on with it.  I’m even excited about it.  Now, I can go get dressed for the day.

What are your goals for 2013?


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