2012 List–7 Products I Love

2012 List–7 Products I Love

The Winter Solstice has come and gone.  I’ve identified my goals for 2013, and I’ve shared them with anyone who has been willing to listen.  Now I’m counting the days left to the end of 2012. It seems natural to me to take a look over the past 12 months and reflect on anything that suits me.  I think I’ll begin with this year’s best discoveries.  In this case, I don’t mean the best things I discovered about myself this year. Indeed, there were some profound self discoveries, but that’s not what I want to share right now.  Maybe later if I’m brave enough.  Instead, I’m talking about products I came across when I wasn’t even looking for them or when I wasn’t even supposed to be shopping but couldn’t bring myself to turn away from the shiny bottles and wow colors lining store shelves.  I’m talking about the stuff I learned about while being plucked, buffed, and fluffed during spa services.  I’m talking about the articles I read that led me to things I just had to try.  Good, bad, unnecessary, essential things I loved using and wanted more of when I ran out.  You may already be familiar with them or perhaps not.  All I know is I’m glad I found them.  Drum roll…I present to you my very own list of little gems for 2012!

mineralfusionMineral Fusion Nail Lacquer.  I was grocery shopping one day.  Of course I was at Whole Foods.  Where else?  Anyway, I was there to…shop…for…food…maybe a beverage or two…certainly not nail polish.  What can I say?  I want some glitter in my life every once in a while.  This line of nail lacquers is my new glam.  Bright colors.  Smooth finish.  Long lasting.  What else do I need in a nail polish?   Glitter!  My colors are sparkle and glimmer.  It’s a mood thing, ladies.  Find yours!

IAM_rollonbox_peaceI am Perfume.  I remember the exact moment when I found this intoxicating perfume.  It was my anniversary weekend.  Strangely, I opted not to sleep in even though the resort hotel’s plush bed really tempted me.  I resisted, rose early, and dressed for a treadmill walk at the hotel’s gym.  I had to walk through the spa to get to the gym, and the rest is predictable but resulted in a wonderful find.  You would’ve stopped too.  I spotted one perfume line I wasn’t familiar with and asked to sample the fragrances.  Peace called my name.  I love the roll-on.  It’s compact and perfect for travel. I don’t leave home without it.

NaturopatchesNatural Patches of VermontI’ll confess that I also left the spa with several samples of these essential oil patches.  What?  It couldn’t be helped.  The ladies were so nice and they offered me samples!  Plus, I was willing to try anything that would help maximize relaxation. There was one for stress reduction, one for enhancing sleep, and even one to help calm symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome and menopause. Perfect.  I was only days away from my moon time, and I felt like I was in the right place at the right time.  I tried the stress patch first, but not until after I finished my walk.  Yes, I did eventually exercise that morning.  Since then, I’ve kept a stash of the stress and sleep patches.  I use them at least once per week.  Here’s a tip I learned from the spa ladies:  Cut the patch in half.  Place one half high on your chest so you can smell the essential oils.  Then, place the second half lower, somewhere on your abdominal area.  I’ve been with my family for the past seven days, and I’m still smiling and laughing. Do I need to offer more evidence of their effectiveness? The smell of bergamot is just heavenly.

bitty browBitty Brow Kit.  Here is another great spa find, but I have to thank my esthetician for this one.  She’s the best!  My hair is very fine, very fragile, and very temperamental.  It’s just too thin for my liking. Oh, what to do?  What to do about my sad little brows?  I had no ideas that wouldn’t make me look like a cartoon.  After mentioning my desire for thicker brows during an appointment, she showed me how to fill in my brows.  She promised that they would look natural.  I was skeptical.  Minutes later, I looked in the mirror and exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!”  Bonus:  The kit is functional and cute.

tokyoTokyo Milk Perfume.  Can a woman have too much perfume?  I don’t think so.  Here’s my other new scent from this year.  I have Oprah to thank for this one.  Did I find it in her magazine or on her website?  Did I hear about it on her television network or was it Oprah Radio?  Who knows?  The point is that I learned about it.  I connected with Kabuki No. 9.  It’s crisp and soft at the same time.  Besides, nine is my favorite number, and the smell of jasmine is so pleasant.  There are so many exotic scents.  You’re sure to find your match.


Channel Illusion D’ombre.  Does it matter what it’s called?  Not really.  It’s eyeshadow for the day or night and anytime in between if you want your eyes—well—your eye lids to sparkle and shimmer. No brush needed.  Apply it with you finger.  If you want to jazz up an old favorite eye color, dab a little of this on top.  The effect is mesmerizing!  When you’re sitting across from that special someone over dinner, over coffee, over dessert, over cocktail, or anything on the menu, you’ll be the main dish.  Your special someone won’t be able to stop looking at your eyes.  I guarantee it, but don’t get too carried away.  It only takes a tiny bit to sparkle!

lip glossBobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss.  The last gem on the list was definitely an unexpected addition to my very modest but oh so me makeup collection (if I can call it that).  By now, you already know how much I’m into shiny shimmery glittery glam. Even so, I never would’ve picked this particular item, but my sister would (and did).  She talked me into trying it on because she thought it would compliment my skin.  I doubted this, but she was right!  Thanks, sis.  You’re a gem!  I have to admit that when you first apply it, the effect can be overwhelming.  However, be patient.  Let it wear off all by itself throughout the day.  By the afternoon, your lips will look like they’ve been lightly dusted with jewels. My color is canary.  My lips look like they’re covered with gold dust.  Love it.


So that’s my list of gems for 2012!

What’s your favorite find for 2012?


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