What I’m Reading Now: 8 Books


The Power of Habit:  Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.  Since I’m in the process of changing a few habits this year, it seems wise to attempt to gain some deeper understanding of what habits are, how they are formed, and how to change them.  How else will I achieve my 2013 goals?


No More Dirty Looks.  Remember the products I fell in love with in 2012?  Now that I’ve decided to detoxify my personal care products, all I can do is enjoy them while they last.  I suspect that none of them will meet the higher standard of purity that I am setting for myself. My bathroom is full of products labeled “natural” and “organic” but there’s a good chance they’re all toxic.  I don’t know if I have the strength to look at all of the labels, but I must try.


Leading Strategic Change:  Breaking Through the Brain Barrier.  Change in leadership.  Change in staff.  Change in program goals.  Change in work culture.  Everything around me is changing in one way or another.  It’s time to figure out a strategy to thrive.


Reunion.  Haven’t you had someone from your past—someone you haven’t thought about in years—track you down and send you a friend request on Facebook or email you at your publicly available work email address?  I have, and it was a disaster…both times!


Getting Results the Agile Way.  I’m serious about making new things happen this year.  I will enjoy the process as much as I can, but it comes down to results in the end.


By Love Possessed.  I am drawn to the title and the cover picture.  Enough said.

chunneling cover jpeg paint jpeg3

Chunneling Through Forty.  I don’t think I’m having a mid-life crisis.  I really don’t, but just in case…I might as well laugh my way through it.


Good Is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals.  I almost don’t want to read this book because I don’t want to learn that what I’m doing right now is not good enough for me to succeed in my career. Who wants to hear that?  It might be true, but honestly, who wants to hear it when you feel that you are doing your best?  I don’t, but perhaps this book has other information that I can use.  I’m open.

What are you reading now?


What do you think?

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