Dating Tip #1: Date Yourself

Dating Tip #1: Date Yourself

If you aren’t interested in dating you, why should anyone else be?

I’m serious.  I know so many people—women and men—who simply can’t be alone.  Their reasons are way too plentiful and complicated to deal with here, and I am not trying to diagnose anyone’s psyche. I understand that being alone can be very difficult, but let’s consider a few things.

If you avoid being alone, you miss the chance to truly focus on yourself.  If you do everything possible to make sure that you are with someone else, it’s unlikely that you have a clear picture of yourself. If you are constantly on the go, you are guaranteed to be out of touch with yourself.  The longer you persist in focusing on everything else and/or everyone else, the longer you will take to truly know yourself.

If you can’t figure out how to enjoy time with yourself, then perhaps you aren’t really ready to date anyone else.  Get to know yourself better on your own.  Be your own date for a little while.


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