Dear Husband–This Mother’s Day is Different

Dear Husband–This Mother’s Day is Different

Dear Husband,

         When you asked me about Mother’s Day early last month, I remember thinking that this year would offer new opportunities.  There’s only about an hour between my mom and us, assuming you can avoid Atlanta’s horrific traffic, and your mom has finally left New York behind and is settling into her place just a few minutes down the road.  Bringing us all together seemed like an easy thing to do. 

 You and I have had many laughs about how my mom won’t drive on the interstate, which means a trip that should only take an hour is more like two.  It’s frustrating to me when we’re trying to meet up, but you have to admit that she’s ingenious and can find a back road to anywhere in and around Atlanta.  So even though your mom doesn’t drive, my mom could swing by and pick her up.  Right, that means three hours for the trip from my mom to your mom to us.

   My plan was to take our mothers out for a light brunch or afternoon tea.  I could imagine both of them claiming not to spend time watching reality shows or following celebrity gossip and entertainment, but you and I know the conversation would be sprinkled with “Did you see…Did you read…I heard…and…Let me tell you what happened…”  It’s funny how they seem to know about everything. 

I have no doubt that our mothers would’ve enjoyed our time together, but things don’t always go as planned.  Who would’ve guessed that we’d all be separated?  I’m an hour away at my mom’s for the weekend, and later today you’ll be at your mom’s for a visit.  Even our children are across town at their mom’s for the weekend.  We are spread very thinly indeed (smile).  We are adept at adapting to whatever a situation needs, and our marriage is strong because of this.

 It was sweet of you to ask me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  I did think about it.  I believe the last thing I mentioned to you was taking a cooking class.  I checked out the upcoming classes at my favorite location, and I was surprised that nothing grabbed my attention.  I thought about other possible gifts, too.  As I continue to consider my needs and wants, I find myself not needing and strangely, not wanting.  I don’t have the perfect word to describe this place where I find myself, but it feels good. I think I’ll stay for awhile.     

   This Mother’s Day is different than I’d planned, but I’m alright with that.  You, I and the children will have experiences with our mothers to share with each other when we all make it back home tomorrow.  I look forward to it.


Your Wife




4 thoughts on “Dear Husband–This Mother’s Day is Different

  1. Mothers’s Day never stays the same. It changes as we grow older.
    Happy Mother’s Day daugther!!
    Love you

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