Holiday Song of the Week (Revisited)

Holiday Song of the Week (Revisited)

Remember yesterday’s saga at the doctor’s office?  Well thankfully today wasn’t a repeat experience.  I was very calm and very quiet during the whole two hours of eye tests this morning, but it was hard to ignore my hunger and incredible need to actually see.  The waiting time between tests was prime writing time, but since my eyes were dilated, it was no use.  Besides, having someone poke around my eyes makes me nervous anyway.  I probably would’ve ended up writing junk anyway.

I wasn’t fit for writing (or reading) until this afternoon around 3:00 pm, but I had to work.  Guess what my priority task was for today?  Writing.  I should’ve been happy about it, right?  I love to write, right?  But I wanted to work on my own stuff.  Nevertheless, I turned my attention away from myself and put my best effort into writing a nomination for a national award for several members in my program.  It’s an honor to be able to recognize their work, and I did my very best.  I did.  Really.  Almost all of my creativity was spent on this task, leaving little time (it’s after 8:00 pm here) and little energy for climbing Mount 1667 and then sprinting through another post before midnight.

I was about to throw it in on the post for today and simply focus on the novel, but I received a thoughtful comment from a reader (shout out to Delighted) that gave me the perfect idea.  It’s cheating a little, but hey, surely you can understand that I’m desperate right now.  After reading my recent post about holiday music, Delighted asked me to share two of my favorite holiday songs.  I posted my reply and now I’m following up with this post I did around this time last year.  So this is for Delighted.


Re-post from 11/3/12

I’ve been caught up with doctor appointments, end-of-year tasks at work, and my usual daily routine lately.  Admittedly, I’ve been showing signs of burnout.  Still, at the strangest times, this little melody has been finding its way to me.  A few notes hummed just loud enough for me to hear while going about my business in the office or on my commute have been enough to bring a smile to my face.  By the time I’ve made it home, my humming has grown into a full blown concert on most days.  Take a listen to LeAnn Rimes and be reminded to never underestimate the healing powers of the music you love.

Holiday Song of the Week:  “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Feels Like:  spontaneous smiling all day long

Sounds Like:  a yellow sunrise


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