Day 12–I need help

Day 12–I need help

11:12 pm.  I need help.  I really do.  Does anyone have any suggestions for staying awake when you’re running out of steam?

11:22 pm.  “Okay, I have to say that I was taken aback by what happened. I thought the long johns.  


Oh my, did I just type that?  What do long johns have to do with anything in this scene?  I was supposed to be typing a conversation between two main characters. Instead, I look up after a little while, apparently from being asleep and there it is in black and white–absolute nonsense.

11:37 pm.  I need at least 300 more words.  I don’t think I can.

11:45 pm.  Can’t make it.  Just can’t.  Don’t know what I’m typing.

11:53 pm.  The bar turned green! I can’t believe I made it.  It’s a miracle!

Day 12:  23727 words


5 thoughts on “Day 12–I need help

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement. It’s starting to get crazy. I’ve no idea what the next few hours are going to be like. When you’re working long days and trying to come home to write, it can be overwhelming.

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