It’s an adventure

It’s an adventure


Yesterday wasn’t the best writing day for me.  It was the first day that I didn’t make the daily word count, and it was the first day I didn’t publish a blog post.  I was up well past 12 midnight trying to make something happen, but it was no good. I remember eventually dragging myself upstairs to get into bed.  The alarm sounded at 5:30 am this morning, and I dragged myself out of bed to face a new day that included not only the daily 1667, but also a 360, otherwise known as my end-of-year performance evaluation.

It’s Day 14 of Nanowrimo, and I have to say that I’m beat.  My mind is fragile.  I was hardly in the best mindset to receive a rating and feedback from my supervisor today, but it had to be done.  My accomplishments and contributions for the entire year were summed up in less than five minutes.  The best part was when my supervisor gave me advice on how to prepare myself for upcoming organizational changes and career opportunities.  I’d mentioned that I become anxious when I think about starting over in a new program.  He told me to try to think of it as an adventure.  Very simple, very good advice.

Day 14: 27016 words


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