Nano reality on Day 22

Nano reality on Day 22


I wish I could report that everything completely turned around for me during the past three days.  Okay, so everything did completely turn around for me during the past three days, but the turnaround took me in the wrong direction.  I didn’t even realize I was truly burnt out until my nearly nonexistent word count of 272 words on Day 21 of Nanowrimo.

I had been slipping into this low production period since Day 18, but I wanted to act as if it wasn’t happening.  I could blame my sister for this since she asked me to hang out with her after work on Day 18 and Day 19, but I could’ve simply said no.  On Day 18, I could’ve focused on pushing through the scene I was working on even though it wasn’t working for me and would likely be edited out in the end.  I could’ve forgiven myself for the poor quality of my phrasing on Day 19.  I could’ve kept at it on Day 20, but I didn’t.  How can I explain hanging out again after work on Day 20 after my less than stellar performance on the previous two days?  On Day 20, if I had come home and gone to sleep, I think missing the daily word count would’ve been unfortunate but at least understandable.  But I distracted myself and let my writing come to a halt.  I just let things go to trash.  There’s no reason to even try to provide an explanation for 272 words on Day 21.  I have nothing to say for myself about that.

The fact is that each day I stayed out socializing I knew I wasn’t going to be able to write much.  I was arriving home after 9:00 pm each night.  I’m sleepy by 10:00 pm.  I knew I couldn’t make up ground either, but I pretended that it wasn’t a big deal.

Now here I am on Day 22.

It’s 7:30pm.

I have until 12:00 pm on Sunday, Day 24, to hit 50K words.

I can’t count on internet access afterwards, therefore, I can’t count on having access to my Nano account.  I need to cross the finish line no later than Day 24.

This is my reality, and I am dealing with it.  I’m writing.

Day 22:  11,837 words remaining


2 thoughts on “Nano reality on Day 22

    1. I have a close call about an hour ago. I have no idea what happened, but my screen went black. I thought I’d lost everything. I packed up and ran (ok drove) to the Apple Store. It was a circus in there. I was calm. I told them I had an emergency. Somehow miraculously without an appointment I received help. The mysterious lady saved the day and my book. My computer is back up. No idea what went wrong. Moving on…

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