Birthday letter to self

Birthday letter to self


Dear Me,

1:25 am.  It’s almost your birthday.  According to your mother, she was asleep because her doctor gave her a shot to ease the induced labor pains she was having.  Yes, her labor was artificially induced.  Yes, you were essentially forced to come here before you were ready.  Stop asking your mother to explain why she allowed this to happen every year around your birthday.  You know you’re never satisfied with the answer.  So just get over it.  You survived.  Try not to get hung up on the little things.

5:57 pm.  It’s your birthday (for real now).  You’re still in your pajamas, drinking soy nog, and watching holiday movies.  Don’t try to explain it.  Just be.

9:58 pm.  Let’s move on to a few things you need to continue to focus on this year.

  1. Remain calm (as much as possible).
  2. Cultivate joy.
  3. Meditate regularly.
  4. Exercise regularly.
  5. Write regularly.

It’s a short list.  It’s manageable.  You can do these things.

Don’t think about it anymore.  You know why these things are on your list.  It doesn’t matter that most of them were rolled over from last year’s list.

Don’t make it complicated.  No elaborate schedules.  It should be pretty obvious that you’ll be doing these things everyday.

I’ll check on you from time to time, and I expect to see significant progress.  No excuses.




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