It’s unofficial, but it counts

It’s unofficial, but it counts


Let’s flip the calendar back to Sunday, November 24th, which was the last day I posted about my Nanowrimo 2013 status.  At the time of my post at sunrise on the 24th, my word count was 40009.  I was confident that I could reach the 50K goal by the November 30th deadline, even as I gathered my things to head to the ship for a 7-day cruise for Thanksgiving.  I was so excited to be leaving, it was all I could do to manage posting something before my family and I boarded the ship.  Needless-to-say, my word count remained unchanged on Day 24.  Who could write?  There was just too much to do after we boarded the ship.  One glass of champagne, okay maybe two or three, and I was officially on vacation, taking in the sights, chatting up strangers, and getting in those last calls to family members before shutting down my cell phone and any other communication avenues.  Day 24 was fabulous!

Then came Monday.  Since the ship was rocking more than we were used to and the weather was cooler than expected, I did a little writing…for like 30 minutes!

Day 25:  40530 words

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday.  The ship was still rocking and rolling.  We had to turn away from Nassau.  The Captain said it was just too dangerous.  Thanks Global Warming!  This meant I really had no excuse for not writing.  I was so proud of myself.  It was easy.  I wrote a little, played a little, wrote a little more, and played harder.

Day 26:  42098 words

On Wednesday, the sea was calmer.  The sun called to me.  I answered.  Enough said.

Day 27:  42829 words

By Thursday, I was barely able to focus on writing.  It was Thanksgiving Day, and I was in full cruise mode by that point.  Writing was the last thing on my mind, but I did a little anyway.

Day 28:  43674 words

When I opened my eyes on Friday, I knew I had to get focused if I had any hope of meeting the 50K goal.  We had plans to go out dancing later, and it was definitely going to be a late night.  I docked my ipod, turned up the holiday music, added libations, and called on my Muse.  I had my best day ever for Nanowrimo!  6344 words in just a few hours.  The best part was how I was able to enjoy my husband’s company, our environment, and write at the same time.

Day 29:  50018 words

I did a happy dance and closed my laptop.  I considered purchasing one of the internet packages offered by the cruise line in order to validate my novel, but I chose not to do it.  The one good thing we do on our cruise vacation is unplug from the internet.  As much as I wanted to “win” Nano this year, I couldn’t bring myself to link back to the world in the middle of my family vacation.  It would’ve been too tempting to take it further.  Then, I would’ve had to wrestle my husband away from his work email.  No, it just wasn’t worth it.

So I won’t be sporting the winning banner for Nano this year, but I still consider myself a winner.


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