Dear Husband–We’re in the moment

Dear Husband–We’re in the moment


Dear Husband,

Take a close look at this picture. See how I’m looking at you? Eyes wide open. Smile bursting across my face. Shoulders relaxed. Head slightly inclined toward you. That was the moment you entered my heart.

How amazing it is to see the moment captured this way. It speaks of permanence. I see me looking at you looking at me, and I’m there again, in the moment when joy took root within me. Five years later, the roots are still growing.

The moment is then, now, and forever.

Happy Anniversary,

Your wife


4 thoughts on “Dear Husband–We’re in the moment

  1. Beautiful and happy couple!!! Wishing you blessing on blessed union you Gus have. I hope to find the happiness you guys have found one day. Xoxo

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