a long way to go…

a long way to go…

It’s week two of the new year.  Let’s review the events of the first few days.

  •  Returned to work on the 2nd.  Skipped workout.  Attempted to regain control of calendar.  Resulted in reschedule after reschedule after reschedule of multiple meetings.  Still not enough open space for actual work on calendar.
  • Baked a pie the same evening.  Admired it for a few hours instead of sleeping.  Ate a big slice in the middle of the night.  Fell into a sugary sleep and barely heard alarm going off the next morning.
  • The 3rd came.  Skipped workout again.  Performed amazing feat by reviving office plants in 24 hours after 14 days of neglect.
  • Stayed too late at work on the 4th. Calendar still out of control.  Nearly ran from the building to the train in the cold and dark night.
  • Slept late.  What workout?  Had headache.  Slept some more.  Then, spent the remainder of the day, evening, and part of the night unpacking mother-in-laws belongings.  Collapsed into bed.  Happy to close my eyes on the 5th.
  • Sunday came.  It was a repeat of the day before except it ended with obsessing over Monday.
  • Miraculously, ran for 30 minutes Monday morning before work.  Maintained optimal heart rate.  Arrived at work on time.  Energized.  Full of self.  Led first meeting with peers.  Covered all topics in record time with 10 minutes to spare, but missed lunch.  Felt ill.  Left work late again.  Went to bed early with headache and veggie chicken still digesting.
  • Skipped workout again today.  Dragged body from bed to bath to closet to desk then kitchen.  Headache returned.  Four documents later, ate breakfast and had a coffee.  Headache still there.  Took meds.  Tackled mandatory cleanup of thousands of archived emails.  Worked two hours longer than usual.  Email still not within required limits and calendar still insane.  Skipped yoga.  Had smoothie for dinner.  Craving popcorn.
  • 30 minutes until bedtime.  Need to improve attitude before morning.

I have a long way to go to meet my 2013 goals.

Holiday Song of the Day

Holiday Song of the Day

Yesterday, I was on my feet for hours in the kitchen cooking chili and baking pies.  When it was all over, all I could do was fall into bed and immediately into a deep sleep.  I awakened to a rainy day in Georgia, but this didn’t dampen my spirits at all.  I jumped out of bed with Christmas Eve in my heart and prepared myself for a day of family activities.  But as fog descended and temperatures continued to drop, I began to think of those who were traveling—trying to make it to their loved ones all around the world.  Today’s song by Lady Antebellum is for them.  Here’s to safe travel and wishes fulfilled for those longing to be home this holiday season.

Holiday Song of the Day:  “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Feels Like:  a little sadness but hopeful

Sounds Like:  a heart’s desire 

Holiday Song of the Week

Holiday Song of the Week

A weekend in the kitchen at this time of year is best experienced with the sounds of holiday music swirling around mixing with spices.  Trust me.  If you sing a few holiday favorites while you cook, the joy you feel will fill all that you touch.  An apple blueberry pie and dark chocolate cupcakes topped with blueberry cream frosting, fresh blueberries and half a strawberry (just because) are my proof that the right music can turn ordinary into amazing.  I have the feeling that everything I bake this season will be perfect—like Marvin Gaye on repeat.

Holiday Song of the Week:  “I Want to Come Home for Christmas”

Feels Like:  burning hope for better tomorrows

Sounds Like:  widest deepest highest love